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Christine A. Lauber provides a range of consulting and management services intended to help small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed.

Serving the Entrepreneur

With her extensive financial management background, Christine employs the Information Growth Ladder to create solid business management practices that will last for years to come. This tiered-service system begins with assessing basic operations and gradually leads to business planning and financial projections. A client need not complete all four steps, but as with any ladder, it is recommended to start at the beginning to ensure the best results.

Informational Growth Ladder: A 4-Tiered Information System

Step 1: Operational Improvement

Reviewing and designing processes and operational systems for efficiency, economy, and effectiveness. This includes reviewing bookkeeping processes and creating an organized approach to capturing dollars ($) and operational results (#).

Step 2: Information Reporting Systems

Designing and mapping information reporting systems for management. This includes creating and reviewing consistent and categorized results that demonstrate gaps and trends within the business.

Step 3: Performance Measurement and Management

Determining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and developing monitoring systems to track progress. This includes measuring key indices in business processes and assigning accountability.

Step 4: Business Planning

Assessing requirements for a new project, developing financial projections, and gauging financial feasibility for future goals. This includes using all the information and data analytics collected in the previous steps to create a clear and usable road map for future business endeavors.

Professional Assistance

Christine also assists clients with certain professional services, including:

Estate Planning & Administration

Reviewing assets and liabilities, beneficiary designations, titling of assets and instruments for transfer before death.

Assisting with asset discovery, valuation, claims and transfer of ownership and final returns after death.


Assisting with review of financial records, financial planning in divorce actions.

Christine primarily works with clients in Northern Indiana but may also provide consulting services to businesses across the country on a remote basis.

If you have any questions or inquiries about Christine’s services, please contact her directly.